Rainbow Trout

Rainbow TroutRainbow Trout Coloration variable according to habitat; in acid waters, greenish on the back, with a vivid rosy flush on the gill cover and along the side; in alkaline waters, rainbows are more silvery and the bar long the side is, at most, slightly pink; black spots only, absent from cheek and gill-cover and also, for the most part, along the mid-line of the sides; tailfin heavily spotted; sometimes faint spots on anal and pelvic fins also.

When in Irish waters, grows to about 4.5kg4 but much heavier fish are common at commercial put and take fisheries.
Environment and Habitat. Lake inhabitants; inhabit similar conditions to brown trout but are more tolerant of warmer, poorer quality waters; can grow to a large size if sufficient food such as Gammarus and Asellus are available.
They are a very Important species for angling tourism,freshwater and sea-reared rainbow trout are important commercial aquaculture species. 1987 Irish Fisheries Amendment Act – expanded the term ‘salmonid’ to include Arctic char and rainbow trout and so protects rainbow trout spawning grounds, juvenile rainbows and designates a closed season.
EU legislation.

Gormanston and District Anglers has the exclusive fishing rights on the Wavin Lake ( Old Knock lake) 0.5 miles Dublin side of Balrothery, North Co. Dublin 2 miles north of Balbriggan. The Wavin lake is approximately 26 acres set in a wild life sanctuary. Lake is stocked by us with rainbow trout, one caught recently weighed in at a staggering 12 lb 13.If you have ever dreamt about catching one of these hard fighting rainbow trout on a fly rod come to Wavin lake day tickets are from as little as €10.00.

Permits for this Lake are only available for non members if visiting angler is with a fully paid up senior member.