To ensure that the local community and Wavin’s customers were aware of what Wavin was doing and why. There were several events staged over a period of 18 months, each of which was used by the company to communicate with its targeted audiences. National newspapers (environmental, news and business interest) and trade publications were targeted more to inform Wavin’ s customers, while local newspapers and event invitations targeted more directly the local community.
Wavin’s in house newsletter, ‘Wavelengths’, was also used to communicate with employees in Balbriggan and in other Wavin businesses throughout Europe.

January 1993: Wavin donate lake as local amenity

The official signing over of the lake from Wavin to GFC took the form of a photo call for the national, local and trade press. The lake side function was attended by Green party TD, Trevor Sargent. To add to an unusual story, the event provided photographers with a picturesque setting for pictures.
The flavour of the event was captured by Derek Evans: > The tranquility of the lake on Thursday last was a sight to behold: a family of swans enjoying the freedom and richness of lake’s assets; a flock of Brent geese settling in for winter.” (Irish Times 30.1.93)lake jettie

February 1993: fishing club stock their new lake with 1,000 trout

The GFC stocked their newly acquired lake with 1,000 trout, transported in huge dustbins to the lakeside. “It looked a bit fishy – plenty of fishermen, a big catch but not a fishing rod in sight.” (quoted Eugene Moloney, Evening Herald, 2.2.93)

May 1993: official opening – the first line is cast

The official opening was made into a major event with the first line being cast by Wavin’ s Managing Director, Des Byrne. Staged on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in May (even the weather was prearranged), the event was a family affair for locals, public representatives, and the media. Knock changes to Wavin.