Fly Fishing Hints and Tips

fly fishing

The art of fly fishing

Learn fly fishing on Wavin Lake in North Dublin, Ireland or anywhere for that matter and you will soon realise just how fascinating the sport is.

Fly fishing gets you out into the fresh air. It takes you to some beautiful places. It gives you time off from life’s everyday cares & concerns too much to think about with the fishing. It provides exercise to suit everyone, whether they are just looking for a gentle day by the waterside or wanting to get close up and personal with the fish, whilst kitted out in full chest waders.

Many people see fishing as sitting on a box with a sandwich & flask staring at a float waiting for something to happen – well, forget that!

Between tackling up, reading the water, figuring out what the flies are doing and, as a result, what the fish are doing, and selecting which fly pattern to use and how best to present it, and putting in a good cast, and detecting the take, and playing and landing the fish and, for the river angler, taking care not to loose your footing while wading waist deep. Trust me Fly fishing is a very different kettle of fish to what most people think about fishing.

Fly fishing offers something for everyone. From those who like to take things slowly and deliberately and make fly fishing a true art form. To those who like to experience life full on and prefer to fish in the most remote parts of Ireland to catch the wildest fish in the wildest of places.

Please find below links that will help you get started.

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