Delvin River

Delvin RiverBrown Trout fishing on the Delvin River

Gormanston and District Anglers control the fishing rights and maintain the Delvin River that runs along the Dublin and Meath border South of the Boyne river entering the Irish sea at Gormanston beach and is close to the town of Balbriggan Co. Dublin.

The Devlin river is a small river which contains a small stock of wild brown trout and this is supplimented by stocking by the local Angling Asssociation, the Gormanston and District Anglers Association. The Devlin river also gets a run of sea trout which commences at the end of May and continues throughout the summer subject to water conditions.

A number of trout in excess of 2lbs+ are caught annually on the stretch below tho old Dublin Road bridge. Sea trout can also be caught on the coastline either side of the estuary, with spinning providing the best results.

Angling Club: The Gormanston and District Angling Association which supports a policy of catch and release and controls the fishing on this river.

Fishing Tip: This river can fish well after a flood.
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