Day Tickets

day tickets

Day Tickets are now available for Wavin Lake for members family/friends subject to club terms and conditions.

Visiting Angler must be with a fully paid up senior member (fly only) €15.00.
*All day ticket holders on the Wavin Lake must be accompanied by a senior member at all times*

Day Ticket rules for Wavin Lake

  • Fly fishing only available on Wavin Lake.
  • One day ticket visitor per member at a time. (max 4 day tickets per season for visiting angler)
  • Day ticket holders can only take 1 fish.
  • Day tickets are for bank and boat fishing.
  • If fishing from boat member must be in boat with visiting angler.
  • Life jackets must be used at all times when using boats.(no exceptions).

*Day Tickets are subject to terms and conditions*

For more information or to purchase a day ticket please contact our club directly by email.