Brown Trout

Brown TroutBrown Trout build varies according to food availability; coloration very variable. In acid waters, usually olive, bronze and gold, with numerous black and red spots; dark spots more or less round and often surrounded with a pale ring in limestone waters, often silvery, with x-shaped black spots and few or no red spots (except for adipose fin); numerous spots on gill-covers and cheeks, not regularly arranged; tail-fin usually not spotted, but spots may be present, especially on the upper lobe.

Some large lake trout; size very variable, from 50g to over 9kg according to habitat and food supply. They are a valuable angling tourism specie and are farmed for angling and culinary purposes. Irish legislation status states that all Brown trout fisheries are regulated by national or local legislation governing closed seasons, angling methods, size limits etc. e.g. Western Fisheries Region Conservation of Trout Bye-law No. 840, 2008

Delvin River

Gormanston and District Anglers control the fishing rights and maintain the Delvin River that runs along the Dublin / Meath border South of the Boyne entering the Irish sea at Gormanston beach and is close to the town of Balbriggan Co. Dublin.