AGM 2017 Fees and New Rules

Fly fishing competitionWavin Lake is Fly Fishing only unless your under 14 years of age!

At the AGM it was overwhelming agreed to ban spinning on the lake. As of the 1st of February 2017 no spinning is allowed on the Wavin lake by any angler over the age of 14. (This is the only compromise to the rule, Juniors up to the age of 14, date of birth after 1st of Feb. 2003 will be allowed spin in designated area only with 1 fish bag limit but no catch and release). Senior/OAP/Disabled members who wish to spin or live bait can continue to do so on the Delvin river but not on the Wavin lake. It was also confirmed that float fishing of all types, including with fly is not allowed on the lake.

It is up to all the members to police this rule if you see anyone that is not abiding by the rules of the club simply advise a committee member. Everyone in the club is entitled to ask another angler fishing on the lake to identify themselves, they should have a badge ( or pending badge a receipt). If that angler refuses to confirm membership let us know.

This year all fees must be paid directly only to the club treasurer or secretary and must be accompanied by a completed renewal form. A receipt will be issued followed by membership badge in post. Memberships fees can be paid by cheque or postal order made out to Gormanston & District Anglers.

Please note to secure your club membership 2017 fees & levy must be paid no later than March 17th. We presently have a waiting list for Senior & OAP’s to join the club and if membership is not paid in full by this date, it will be assumed that the said member is not renewing and their place will be offered to one of those on the waiting list.

If you are not renewing we would appreciate if you could let us know by return and return key by post to secretary.

2017 Committee

President: Aidan Curran
Chairman: John Curtis
Vice Chairman: Martin Casey
Secretary: Ciaran McDonald
Treasurer: Tony Reilly
Lake Development Officer: Jim Mc Kenna

Other committee members: Kevin Mc Guire, Paul Ford, Gary Doran, Liam Murphy.

The fees for 2017 have been confirmed at AGM as follows:

Senior membership annual fee: €150.00
Senior membership with 3 siblings annual fee: €210.00
O.A.P membership annual fee: €100.00
Disabled person membership annual fee: €100.00
Junior membership annual fee: €35.00
Student new membership: €100.00

New senior membership: €250.00
New senior membership with family (3 siblings): €310.00
O.A.P annual new membership: €200.00
Disabled person new membership: €200.00
Junior new membership: €35.00
Student new membership: unwaged student with valid student card up to the age of 22: €200.00